Can I return my Handbag/Goods?

  • Yes!  We offer a full refund up to 30 days of the purchase date.
  • All handbags / goods must be unworn, in its original condition, with all tags still attached.
  • KIMDER will commit to a 100% refund ONLY if the handbag/goods are in its original condition and unworn.  
  • Please see Shipping + Returns for full details
  • All Thrashed Vintage are a final sale

Will KIMDER cover the postage charge on the return?

  • Unfortunately not.  We can not be held financially reponsible to pay or reimburse clients for goods that they have chosen to return  

What type of leather/hides do you use?

  • Majority of the hides are lambskin, some bags are made from cow hide.
  • All our hides have unique characteristics, not flaws.  These characteristics will differ from each bag which makes your bag that much more special
  • All leather / hides are hand picked by our creative director.  When doing leather buys our creative director looks for hides with a soft hand and unique texture.
  • All bags are made in house and we have a no waste policy.  We try our best to use all leather when cutting out from our patterns.  All remnants are donated to a local reuse centre.  

 Are the bags leather protected?

  • No.  All of our bags come unprotected.
  • We suggest using a leather protector spray or an all protector spray to protect your KIMDER leather goods.   
  • For good leather care we suggest spraying your goods at least twice a month if your KIMDER is in heavy use.  
  • Hold the spay approx. 2 ft. from your goods.  You want to lightly and evenly mist your goods not drench it.   
  • If you purchased one of our fabulous glossy / patient goods DO NOT spray your bag.  The protector will eat the finish off your goods and it will become a dull bag.  

Will my dark leather bag colour transfer onto my cloths?

  • YES!  Like dark denim jeans, our dark leathers will colour transfer on cloths.

  • Depending on the leather, usually softer leathers will colour transfer more then the stiffer leathers.   

Why don't we see lighter leather colour selection in the bags?

  • Light coloured bags get dirty faster and stay dirty!  Simple as that.
  • We want your bag to look amazing from day one  and stay amazing.
  • We believe in sticking to darker, neutral colours for this reason.  

My zipper is stiff, will it loosen?

  • All our zippers are YKK and assembled in house.  
  • They will be stiff at first, but with more and more zipping they will loosen right up. 

Should I cut off loose thread?

  • If you see loose thread it is best to burn off the excess with a lighter.  The thread we use is nylon based, when heated / burned the thread melts into a bead.  This prevents the thread from unraveling. 
  • If the thread is long cut off a majority of the thread, leaving about half an inch to be burned off with a lighter.  
  • Just bring the flame to the thread and bring it close to the leather.  DO NOT hold the flame on the leather.  It will burn the leather.  

How long will it take to get my goods?

  • We ship all our goods with Canada Post.  Depending on where the goods are being shipped it can take up to 2 weeks international, and 1 week within Canada.
  • We send out all our shipments on Tuesday's and Friday's every week.