A Search for a Manufacturer

As KIMDER has grown in the past year we have come to realize that in house production is no longer an option in order to grow.  Searching for someone that has the same quality standards and aesthetic has been a challenge. 

MAGIC! Las Vegas

Mid August KIMDER travelled to the city that never sleeps to attend Sourcing at Magic.  During this 5 day trade show KIMDER was able to meet companies around the world that offer many different facets to the fashion industry.  

KIMDER was able to meet zipper suppliers, manufactures, hardware suppliers and packaging developers.  It was such an amazing experience…learning and inspiring.  


Next stop for KIMDER was Toronto in mid September to meet with a couple  Canadian manufacturers.

After these travels KIMDER is confident that we have found a manufacturer.  Next step is building an amazing working friendship!  


Kimberley DerComment