Travel Diaries: Yucatan Peninsula

This past month our Founder + Creative Director had the pleasure of exploring the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.  Drawing in inspiration from the land and culture. 

The Villa - Casa Del Agua

Located between Plya Del Carmen and Tulum this amazing villa had a lot to offer.  Its unique palapa structure house 5 rooms, all special in its self.  

- A perfect getaway for your getaway!     

Tulum - Coqui Coqui

A small hotel located along the sandy beaches in Tulum - Coqui Coqui.  This little piece of heaven built over a beautiful love story.  First discovered on photo blog - The Selby ... instantly knew it was a must visit.

Not only a boutique hotel, Coqui Coqui is a perfumery.  Filled with magical scents that embrace the Yucatan Peninsula.   Smoked tropical woods, spicy peppermints, tobacco leaves, juicy limes and orange blossom will fill your nose as you sample the perfumes.  Rosas Secas - a light infused rose scent with a hint of tobacco and spice - it was a must purchase along with a braided coin necklace.    


Coba - Mayan Ruins

The only Mayan ruins where you are still able to hike to the top.  Quite a uneven trek up and a bigger challenge to get down the slick limestone, with only a large rope running down the centre to steady you.  

The VIEW - Worth IT!

Rio Secreto

Being able to visit the unique underground fresh water system and cenotes of the Yucatan Peninsula was an amazing experience.  A system of caves, underground rivers,  stalactites and stalagmites.  

- A beautiful mysterious underworld    

The B e a c h

Though there was a lot of exploring during this trip there was also a lot of time for the sun + beach.